Hiring Process

1. Submitting an application

District 7 Fire Rescue regularly accepts applications for the following positions:

  • Firefighter/EMT-B
  • Firefighter/EMT-I
  • Firefighter/EMT-P
  • EMT-Paramedic

Your application may be submitted by turning your application in at either of our fire stations between 8am to 5pm.

Applications may be mailed to Fire Station # 115 located at 11615 Galm Road, San Antonio, TX 78254 including all items listed above, must be received in office by the deadline.

The applicant must include a copy of all of your Fire Fighter Certificates (Basic Fire Firefighter or Higher & EMT OR Paramedic Certificates) and driver’s license with your application.


2. Written Examination

Once your application is submitted you will report to the exam location at the scheduled exam date and time.


3. Physical Assessment Test

A physical assessment test (PAT) will be conducted at a later date. The PAT consists of a 1 mile run in under 11 minutes, a 5 minute break, and several events.


  • Extension ladder raise 3 times hand over hand.
  • 1 3/4 hose drag charged 100ft.
  • Roof ladder carry 30ft around cone and returned and  placed back on engine in proper place.
  • Tool carry, spreaders and cutters (TNT) 50 ft around cone then placed back on weight mat.
  • Keisser sled with dead blow hammer, from start to finish.
  • Dummy drag 175lb dummy 50ft around cone and back

You will be wearing structure fire gloves and helmet throughout the PAT.

Disqualifying items

  • 1 warning of not using the hand over hand method. Then disqualified.
  • Dropping nozzle multiple times
  • Dropping ladder on carry ladder carry or hitting engine.
  • Dropping tool multiple times
  • Throwing  hammer during keisser sled.
  • Dropping dummy in a way that would harm or injure a normal human or fire fighter.
  • Failure to finish run in 11 minutes or cpat in 4 minutes.

Bring proper clothing and shoes to participate in the physical agility test. Any questions pertaining to the physical agility test can be referred to Capt. Nathan Lafield at 210-688-0665 or nlafield@d7fr.org


4. EMS Skills Testing

There will be EMS Skills Verification administered following the physical agility test per candidate, National Registry Curriculum. Skills tested will be chosen at random according to the applicant’s certification level. It would benefit the applicant to study the NREMT sheets found at nremt.org.


5. Oral Interview

After completing the NREMT skills you will be released, and may receive a call back for an oral interview.