Hiring Process

The hiring process is as follows:

-Submit a completed application

-Complete the P.A.T “Physical Agility Test “

-Pass the written Paramedic Protocol Examination with a 70% or better

-Pass a Panel Interview/Scenario Testing

-Pass the background verification

-Pass a medical evaluation and drug screen

-Pass a Chief interview

-Sign a conditional offer of employment


Candidate participating in the hiring process, will be evaluated on every aspect of the hiring process.


A written Exam and Physical Agility test will be administered, on February 15th. Candidates that have turned in a completed application will be invited to test.


PAT Information

The PAT includes the following:
Helmet and gloves will be provided for you. Wear closed toed shoes for running, shorts or
sweat pants. No sleeveless shirts.

1 mile run completed in no longer than 11:00 minutes, 4 laps on a quarter mile track.

A timed 3 minute rest shall immediately follow the conclusion of the run. The helmet and
gloves shall be donned during this time. The candidate may rest however they see fit but they
must be in place ready to go at the ladder extension at the end of the timed 3 minute rest. The
5 minute time limit for the rest of the PAT shall immediately start at the conclusion of the 3
minute rest. Candidate is allowed to hydrate at this time.

The candidate shall travel in a safe manor no less than 50′ between events.

Ladder extension – The candidate extends the fly section of a 24′ extension ladder 3 times in a
safe manner, maintaining control of the fly.

100′ charged hose line drag. The candidate extends a 1.75″ charged hose line 100 ft, placing
the nozzle in the designated area, not dropping the nozzle.

Ladder carry. The candidate obtains 14′ roof ladder mounted on apparatus and carries the
ladder 25′ travels around a cone and travels 25′ back to the apparatus and replaces the ladder.

Tool carry. The candidate grabs one 35lbs tool in each hand and carries them 25′ around a cone
and return to the start of the tool carry and replace them. Do not drop the tools. Candidate is
allowed to set the tools down and adjust grip at any point.

Keiser sled. The candidate uses a sledge to move a weighted sled 5′. Candidate must perform
this in a safe manner and maintain control of hammer at all times.

Drag. The candidate will drag a weighted manikin 50′ go around a cone and return 50′ to the
start. Manikin’s feet must pass the line. Any method may be used to move the manikin.
Candidate is NOT allowed to use rope, webbing or straps of any kind to move manikin.
Manikin weight is approximately 180Lbs.