San Antonio, TX– Last week Bexar County District 7 Fire & Rescue participated in Rope ReSet course. This course trained the members of the Rescue Team on high-angle rescue situations.

This Rope Rescue ReSet course was a week-long training exercise that built upon the training that the Rescue had received months prior. During the week the team was able to build their knowledge on creating haul systems and how to maneuver while suspended in mid-air. This training was put to the test as the rescue team was told to repel over a hundred feet off a bridge and then climb their way up.

This knowledge and training can mean the difference between life and death in some situations. Being prepared for any situation that can arise is the epitome of being in the fire service and that is what this training is all about.

Rope Rescue training is the first step in the goal of becoming a Rescue Technician. A Rescue Technician is the highest level of accreditation a person can achieve within the rescue world. To become a Rescue Technician a person must reach the technician level in three specific disciplines. After this course the entire District 7 Rescue Team will be a Rope Rescue Technician.

This goal of gaining the title of Rescue Technician is a lofty goal for such a large group, however, this level of expertise is what District 7 Fire & Rescue expects department wide. District 7’s goal is to be prepared for any possible hazard and better protect the community.

For more photos from the training click here.